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 The U.S.1 Mod is a hybrid, direct connect to the atty.
The tube is shaped, not straight, it has a very smooth and curvy shape that feels very comfortable to the hand…
It is seamless, witch means that the machining is so close to perfection that the opening point is hard to notice at first look.  Tube opens up in almost the middle, so there no dealing with bottom or the removable hybrid cap from the top…Easy to put batteries or attys.
It is 25 mm +, but  it goes  down to create a perfect grip.
One of the most important features is that the tube is totally insulated on the inside….yes, if you have a damage, or ripped battery and try to use it on any tube mod, there’s problems, but our mod has a delrin sleeve that separates battery from the inside of the tube. An such sleeve is shaped to have ventilation between metal and it self….So, the main focus of this feature is SAFETY, our mod will keep vapers SAFER, we do not intent for people that go ahead and use damaged batteries, but in case that somebody has a damage battery and haven’t realized it, our feature will keep that the vaper SAFER until he or she will disposal such battery.
Another safety feature is that it has big vent holes at the top, where all the hit concentrates.
The name U.S.1 mod, is engrave by the cnc machine, not laser engrave.
Serial number also engrave by the machine each time. So each and every mod is unique.
Bottom has engrave our name, and is very smooth. spring loaded…Easy to take apart for cleaning, for this no tool need it.
Note: batteries that are not in perfect condition should not be use in an device. Future owner of this device will assume all responsibility for the use of it at the moment of purchase.

Additional information

Weight0.500 lbs
Dimensions5.5 × 2.0 × 2.0 in

Ultem Disk, Black, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel

2 reviews for U.S.1 Mod

  1. roberttheronin

    I did not order this mod, it was shipped to me due to a clerical error and it has become my favorite in the rotation. Get it and you will not be disappointed. Best mech mod I’ve ever used, now I just need to get it at the store I work at so I can use it there.

  2. Name juan Carlos

    Your review *El mejor MOD mecanico que he tenido y tengo,muy seguro,ergonomico y comodo

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